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Sunday, 3 May 2015

SBI PO Model Papers with Explanation Download-Data interpretation Subject

IBPS SO Practice Papers with Answers

SBI PO Model Papers with Explanation: Here daily we are updating best banking material for those candidates who are in search of SBI and IBPS PO Model Papers. Here we are giving you the complete knowledge on Data Interpretation subject which plays a key role in all banking exams. DI Practice Papers that we have given you here will help you in understanding the subject very easily. It is said that DI Questions asked in exams are tough to answer. So you have to prepare tough so that the online exam becomes easy for you. Here below we provide the SBI PO and SO Model Papers with Answers and clear explanation.

SBI PO Model Papers with Explanation

1. The difference between the present ages of a mother and daughter is 20 years. Five years ago the mother's age was three times that of the daughter's age at that time. What is the present age of the mother? 
a) 30 years
b) 40 years
c) 35 years 
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these 

Let the present ages of the father and the son be M years and D years respectively.
Given: F - S = 20..... (I)
and F - 5 = 3 (S-5).....   (II) 
Solving (I) and (II);
F = 35 years.

2. The salary of a person was increased by 20% at the end of the first year and then reduced by 15% at the end of the second year. Now if his salary is 217595, what was his salary two years ago?
a) 18250 
b) 17250
c) 17000 
d) 17500
e) None of these 

Let the salary two years ago be x.
After 20% increase, 15% decrease the salary would be x (1.2) (0.85) = 1.02x = 17595 
x = 17595/1.02 = 17250.
The required Salary = 17250 

3. Madhu can complete a piece of work in 15 days and Mani can complete the same work in 25 days. What part of the work will be completed if Madhu alone worked for 3 days and Madhu and Mani worked together for another five days? 
a) 8/15 
b) 11/15 
c)  4 /15 
d) 1/5
e) None of these 

The part of work completed by Madhu in one day = 1/15 
The part of the work completed by Mani in one day = 1/ 25 
..The part of the work completed = 3/15+ 5/15+5/25

4. A has some cows and hens. If the total number of animal heads is 77 and the total number of feet of these animals is 222, what is the total number of cows that A has? 
a) 34
b) 47 
c) 45
d) 39
e) None of these

Let the number of cows be B and the number of hens be M. 
Given: B + M = 77 
And 4B+2M=222 
Solving both B = 34

Download-Data interpretation Subject

5. In the following questions, a number series is given. In this series, only one number is wrong. Find out the wrong number.
791, 783, 756, 693, 567, 351
a) 351
b) 567
c) 693
d) 783
e) 791

(791 - 23) = 783 (783 - 33) = 756 (756 -4.3) = 692 (692 - 53) = 567 (567 - 63) = 351 ...693 is the wrong number  

6.  A boat takes 8 hours to travel from A to B downstream and back from B to A upstream. If the speed of the boat in still water is 10 kmph, what is the distance between A and B? 
a) 50 km
b) 20 km
c) 40 km 
d) Data inadequate 
e) None of these 

Let the speed of the stream be M kmph.
Upstream travel time -  AB/10-M hours 
and Downstream travel time =  AB/10 + M hours.  
unknown XY cannot be found. 

7. A shopkeeper labelled the price of an article 60% above the cost price. He then sold the article by giving a discount of 25% on the labelled price. If he earned 120 in the deal, what is the cost price of the article?
a) 960 
b) 600 
c) 750
d) 850 
e) None of these 

Let the cost price of the article be 100.
Marked price= 160 
Discount = 25% of 1600 = 240 
Selling price = MP - Discount = 160 -40 = 120. 
Profit = 20
If 20% = 120 
100% = 100/2 x 120 = 600.

8. After how many years will an amount become seven times itself under simple interest at the rate of 24% per annum? 
a) 18
b) 25
c) 28
d) 32 
e) None of these 

Amount A = P[ 1+ PTR/100 ) 
1+24T/100 = 7 = 24T/100= 6
T =6*100/24 = 25 years

9. Heights of five persons are given in the following table. 

What is the height of person A when compared to their average? 
a) 0.6% more 
b) 0.6% less
c) 2.3% less 
d) 2.3% more
e) 3.5% more 

Average height = (176 + 162 + 172 + 184 + 166) +5 =172 cm 
Height of A = 176 cm 
4/172 x 100 = 2.3% more than the average.

10. If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 50% and the denominator is increased by 100%, the resulting fraction is 2/3. What is the original fraction? 
a) 6/7
b) 7/9
c) 8/9 
d) 1/2
e) None of these 

 Let the original fraction be S/M. 
150 S/100/ M x  200 /100 =2/3

S/M= 2/3 x 200/150=8/9

Download SBI PO Model Papers

Saturday, 2 May 2015

SBI PO Model Papers with Explanation Download-English Subject

SBI PO Model Papers with Answers

SBI PO Model Papers with Explanation is very much required for upcoming SBI and IBPS exams as well. Latest and Expected questions in next IBPS PO and SO online test can be expected from the below given material. Here we have provided you the best banking material for English language. English covers 50 MCQ bits which carries 50 marks all together. Other than Arithmetic and General Awareness bits candidates need to concentrate on these English knowledge also.

SBI PO Model Papers with Explanation

Each question has a sentence with two blanks followed by five pairs of words as choices. From the choices, select the pair of words that can best complete the given sentence.

1. Asians are inclined to think that they should __ the core of their philosophy and customs and adopt the__western paradigms.
a) quit... imposing
b) abandon ... dominant
c) banish ... supreme
d) betray ... beguiling
e) eliminate ....high-handed

 'abandon' it for another, which is more 'dominant'.

2. Volatility can be__but it is important to member that in the U.S, it has also been the of__economic growth.
a) indispensable ... lifeguard
b) wresting . .. lifeboat
c) compelling ... lifestyle
d) wrenching ... lifeblood
e) struggling ... lifesaver

lifeblood (meaning driving force) ensures that this option is the right choice. The rest, lifesaver, lifeguard, lifeboat and lifestyle do not go with the word 'economic' growth 'volatility'• can be wrenching' i.e. traumatic, fits the first blank well.

3. When millions of young people feel that the opportunities and costs of globalization are not being fairly distributed, companies that appear__may gain a__ edge.
a) compassionate ... combative
b) understanding . symptomatic
c) concerned ... ambitious
d) sympathetic ... competitive
e) supportive ... culpable

'competitive' fits the second blank. Hence, 'companies that appear sympathetic may gain a competitive edge' is the correct construction

4. The global oil crisis has__energy supplies in Japan, which__on petroleum from the Middle East.
a) plagued ... relieves
b) scourged ... depends
c) endangered ... remains
d) threatened ... relies 
e) pressurized ... hinges

The 'oil crisis' has 'threatened' energy. supplies in Japan which 'relies' on petroleum from the Middle East.

5. The grip of AIDS in Africa is so__and__that all societies must rally round to break it.
a) perverse ... complicated
b) capricious ... intrinsic
c) pervasive ... complex
d) pliable ... intricate
e) per-mutating ... difficult
The 'grip' or effect of a disease can be 'pervasive', meaning spreading gradually, Also, the word 'complex' goes with it.

Directions for questions 6 to 10: Rearrange the following six sentences A, B, C, D, E and F in a proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the questions given below them. 
(A) If one were to trace the history of science and technology, one would find that for a long time the two developed independently.
(B) It is only recently, perhaps in the last century and a half that science and technology have developed' a strong interdependence.
(C) Several technologies were not really based on scientific developments and some did not even have scientific explanations.
(D)  Technology involves the application of scientific ideas and principles to practical and instrumental ends. 
(E) For good measure, our values, nature and ways of life are so inextricably tied to science and technology that, perhaps, humanity and technology will co-evolve in the future.
(F)  Science can be defined as a set of methods for understanding nature and the universe through observation, experimentation and analysis. 

6. Which of the following will be the FIFTH sentence of the paragraph?
     a) B
     b) D
     c) A
     d) C
     e) E

7.Which of the following will be the THIRD sentence of the paragraph? 
      a) B
      b) F 
      c) A 
      d) C 
      e) D 

8.Which of the following will be the SECOND sentence of the paragraph? 
      a) B 
      b) D 
      c) C 
      d) E 
      e) F

9.Which of the following will be the LAST sentence of the paragraph?
     a) C 
     b) E
     c) B 
     d) D 
     e) A

10.Which of the following will be the FIRST sentence of the paragraph?
     a) B
     b) D
     c) A
     d) C
     e) E

Vijaya Bank PO III and PO IV Selected Candidates List Check and Download Results

Vijaya Bank PO III and PO IV Selected Candidates List

Are you seeking for Vijaya Bank PO III and PO IV selected candidates list? Vijaya bank results of PO III and PO IV are out. Hearty congratulations for the selected applicants in bank recruitment. Good news for the applicants those who have appeared for the vijaya bank probationary assistant manager examination. List of the candidates as probationary assistant manager in JMGS-I and CWE-IV are known by following the below steps. Bank also announced the recruitment for the post of probationary assistant manager in JMGS-I and MMGS-II under CWE-III- Second round of allotment. Candidates are selected based on the performance given in the IBPS examination.
IBPS is an organization which conducts various examinations and recruits the candidates in several bank fields. Vijaya bank has announced selected list of the candidates got through the written examination of the PO III and PO IV. Candidates are suggested to enter registration number and password of IBPS which is assigned to the applicants. Password is nothing but date of birth of the applicants. Vijaya bank is found to be one of the nationalized bank public sector banks which have branches all over India. Covering all 28 states and 4 union territories it has grown to a scheduled bank and gradually into larger all India bank. Underneath link makes the applicants to know more details about the selected candidates list issued by Vijaya bank. keep visiting our site for recent updates. 

Vijaya Bank PO III and PO IV Selected Candidates List

Name of the Organization: Vijaya Bank

Name of the Examination: Vijaya Bank probationary Assistant Manager

Official website:

Category: Result

Job Role: Probationary Assistant Manager

Steps to download Vijaya Bank probationary Assistant Manager Candidate’s list:
  • Visit official website
  • Enter IBPS registration number and password
  • Click on enter button
  • Download and take a print of selected candidates list

Today Current Affairs | 3rd May 2015 Daily General Awareness MCQ Bits

Daily General Awareness Bits
Today Current Affairs: Are you in search of today's current affairs. Candidates in search of Daily General Awareness bits will get it here. These Monthly current affairs of May 2015 will be very useful for you in preparation of banking and other competitive exams. Now-a-days knowing national and international current affairs for school children is also very necessary. As they are going to attend various quiz competitions.
SBI PO, SO and Clerical exams and IBPS Officer Scale 1, 2 and 3 exams are asking general awareness questions in their online tests. These exams are containing 14-30 bits regarding only general awareness. Candidates can prepare for the above exams using this useful information provided below.

Today Current Affairs 3.5.2015

Finance Bill passed in Budget Session:
After making some of the modifications in finance bill, it have been passed in Lok Sabha on 30th April 2015 by voice vote. 42 amendments is been detached by finance minister Arun Jaitley. Earlier the bill was to be introduced on 28th February 2015 but after making many changes it got passed by the end of April. Along with finance bill, another bill named Compensatory Aforestation Fund (CAF) is approved on 29th April 2015.     

Barjorji Pardiwala passed away:
Former speaker of Gujarat- Barjorji Pardiwala has expired on 30th April 2015 because of illness at the age of 86 in one of the private hospitals in Ahmedabad. He had practiced law for more than 40 years and worked as lawyer in Valsad. For the duration from December 1989 to March 1990, Pardiwala was the elected as speaker for Gujarat state assembly.

3rd May 2015 Daily General Awareness MCQ Bits

India and Japan taken an agenda on trade investment:
India and Japan had mutually made a sign of five-point action which will leads to raise bilateral trade and investments on 30th April 2015. This agenda includes promotion of investment and infrastructure development, further development and co-operation in IT sector, enhancing co-operation in strategic sectors and Asia-Pacific economic integration. It is found that Japan is the fourth contributor in foreign direct investment.

DRDO scientist awarded RIN fellowship:

Defense Research and Development organization scientist- Satish Reddy is awarded with Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) due to his role in satellite based navigation and avionic technologies. He is the only person to be elected from India because of his immense knowledge and experience. His development in Redundant Navigation system and designing of Agni 5 Indian ICBM missile for over 5000kms made him to elect from Indian country.

Daily Current Affairs of 2015

Friday, 1 May 2015

Data interpretation SBI PO Model Papers with Explanation Download

IBPS Material Download
Data interpretation: This is the subject very important in all banking exams. Those candidates who are preparing for IBPS SO and PO exams need to prepare with DI subject. Candidates can download below banking material for free. These are the Data Interpretation subject question and answers prepared by experts. This would be the best banking material ever. Just go through the below subject. 

Data interpretation Model Papers with Explanation

Directions for questions 1 to 5:
Study the following information and answer the questions that follow. 

In a school there are 750 students out of which 48% are boys. Everyone likes at least one of the two games Cricket and Table tennis. One - third of the girls like only Table Tennis, 35% of the number of boys like only Cricket. Out of 91 students who like both the games the number of boys and the girls are in the ratio 5 : 2.

1. What is the ratio of the number of boys who like only Table Tennis to the number of girls who like only Cricket?
 a) 18 : 13
 b) 13 : 16 
 c) 1 : 1
 d) 13 : 18 
 e) None of these  

Required ratio= 169:234

2.  The number of boys who like both the games is what percent of the number of girls who like only Table Tennis? 
a) 20% 
b) 50%  
c) 33 1/3%
d) 25% 
e) None of these

 Required percentage 

3. The number of boys who like Table Tennis is what percent less than the number of girls who like Cricket? 
a) 80% 
b) 10% 
c) 30%
d) 40%
e) None of these

No.of boys who Like Table tennis=65+169=234
No.of girls who Like Cricket=234+26=260
Required percentage=260-234/260

4.  How many girls like both Cricket and Table Tennis? 
a) 36
b) 26
c) 65
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these 

The number of girls who like both cricket and Table Tennis = 26. 

5. What is the difference between the number of students who like Cricket and the number of students who like Table Tennis?
a) 39
b) 30
c) 61
d) 30 
e) None of these 

No.of students who Like Table tennis=65+169+130+26=390
No.of girls who Like Cricket=234+26+126+65=451
Required difference=451-390=61

6.  If by August 2011, the cost of production of each type of pen increases by 1 Rupee and the selling prices of each type of pen remain the same as in the previous year, then what is the percentage decrease in the profit by selling type B pens for company R? 
a) 18% 
b) 10% 
c) 15%
d) Cannot be determined 
e) None of these 

Let the selling price of type B pens be 'S'. In 2010 the profit percentage of R by selling type B pens 
S - 6/6  x100 
 In 2011 the profit percentage of company R after selling type b pens 
S -7/7  x100 
 The percentage decrease in the profits = (S- 6/6 x 100 -S-7/7 x 100) 
(S-6/6 -S-7/7)*100
 Since 'S' is unknown the above value cannot be determined

7. What is the total cost of production of producing thousand each of type A and D pens by company P, two thousand of type B by company Q and 1500 of type C by company R? 
a) 27,000 
b) 25,000 
c) 32,500
d) 29,500 
e) 20,000 

The total cost of production for producing 1000 type A, and 1000 type D by company P, 2000 of type B by company Q and 1500 type C by company R = (1000) (2 + 6) + 2000 (3) + 1500 (4)
6,000 + 6,000+8000 =20,000

8. In the month of August 2010, company P produces thousand pens of type A and company 0 produces two thousand pens of type C. What is the total cost of production for the companies to produce the above said pens? 
a) 14,800
b) 15,600
c) 12,000
d) 13,500
e) 16,400

The total cost of production to produce required number of pens = 2 x 1000 + 5(2000) =2000 + 10,000 =12,000

9. By what percentage is the cost of production of hundred each of type D pens of all the companies together more/less than the cost of production of hundred each of type A pens of all the companies together? 
a) 22.1% less 
b) 33.33% more
c) 41.18% more
d) 52.48% less
e) 61.78% more

 The cost of production of hundred type D pens = (100) (6 + 4 + 2) = 1200
 The cost of production of hundred type A pens = 100 (2 + 3 + 4) = 100 (9) = 900 
 Percentage of cost of production of type D with that of type A pens 1200/900  x 100 = 133.33%  Cost of production of type D pens is 33.33% more that of type A pens.

10. In the month of December, the price of each type C pen is 10 in the market. If company Q sells 450 such pens then how many pens should company P sell such that the total profit to P from does not exceed that of company Q? 
a) 180
b) 420 
c) 260 
d) 370 
e) 510 

 The total profit to company Q from selling 450 pens of type C = 450 (10 -5) = 2250 
 Let the company P sell x pens.
 total profit by selling x pens of company P = x(10 - 1) = 9x 
9x = 2250/9= 250 = x < 250
 x = 180

Today Current Affairs | 2nd May 2015 Daily General Awareness Question Ans

Daily General Awareness

Today Current Affairs: Monthly current affairs and daily general awareness bits are given here for the comfort of the candidates preparing for banking exams. These GB bits of today will help in preparation of other competitive exams also. SBI PO and SO, IBPS probationary officers exam and IBPS specialist officer online tests, Clerical and other officer scale exams will be having GA bits in their question papers. Candidates need to go through daily news to prepare for that.

Today Current Affairs 2.5.2015

Sikhs shrine is not considered in world heritage list:
The suspense over the golden temple not considering in world heritage list is confirmed by UNESCO. On 30th April 2015 deputy director of World Heritage Centre UNESCO-Kishore Rao has stated that "The site is included on the tentative list since 2004, we did not currently receive any nomination for its inscription on the world heritage list."

Two Indians won Whitley Awards:
Dr. Pramod and Dr. Ananda  has been awarded most prominent 2015 Whitley awards for paying tribute to wild life conservations in unindustrialized countries. Both the Indians have received 35000 pound and seven other environmentalists at the event which was held at Royal Geographical Society in London. This award is also considered as Green Oscar and Pramod is recognized due to his efforts in protecting iconic Great Iconic Bustrad in desert Thar whereas Ananda is been received for development of Elephant Information Network (EIN).

NRSC and DoLP signed MoU:
On 29th April 2015 Department of Land Resource had made an agreement with National remote sensing Centre for the development of Web Geo Portal Shrishti and Mobile App Drishti. The main purpose of this project is to monitor IWMP watersheds. Sandeep Dave a joint secretary of DoLR and VK Dadhwal signed the MoU. According to MoU-NRSC, ISRO in association with DoLR will develop interesting technology interferences for Integrated Watershed Management Program.

Three banks faces penalty of Rs.1.5 crore:
The Reserve bank of India has imposed a penalty on three banks for Violation of Know Your Customer (KYC)/ anti money laundering (AML) norms. Dena bank, Oriental bank of commerce and Bank of Maharashtra are the banks which have faced totally Rs.4.5 crores. Added on the RBI has warned eight others banks - Central Bank of India, Bank of India, Punjab and Sind Bank, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, UCO Bank, Union Bank of India and Vijaya Bank – “to put in place appropriate measures and review them from time to time to ensure strict compliance of KYC requirements in future”.

Daily Current Affairs of 2015

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Today Current Affairs | 1st May 2015 Daily General Awareness Bits

Today Current Affairs

Today Current Affairs: Daily and Monthly current affairs will be given here below. Those candidates who are attending competitive exams, these general awareness bits will help them a lot. here we cover topics related to all fields. So that the bits will be very useful for SBI PO, IBPS SO, Clerical Exams also. We have provided the best information for you over here. What happened today in news will get answered below. 

Today Current Affairs of 1.5.2015

Approval of government for making 100 smart cities and innovation for 500 towns:
Union cabinet has decided to set up 100 smart cities over country.  Urban development and parliamentary affairs minister Venkaiah Naidu had stated that the selection of improving the cities depends on the merit but not on political concerns. Former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg might help in the process. In the first union budget Rs.7000 crores were announced for this program.

About the concept of Martial Rape not valid in India:
The NDA government has announced that the concept of marriage is treated as “sacrament” as per Indian mind set.  DMK MP Kanimozhi has questioned in Rajya sabha asking to bring a bill to Indian penal code to remove exception of martial rape from definition of rape. "Women must have right to do what they want to. There should be a feeling of security in women. Even if it a husband forces himself on her, she has every right to protest. The independence and will of a woman is extremely important," said by Delhi Commission for Women chairperson -Shukla.

e-Tourist Visa scheme extension to more than 31 countries:
The ability of e-Tourist visa can be extended to more than 31 countries from 1st May 2015. By the end of financial year, the scheme of the countries covered by government will be up to 150 countries. Adding countries in the e-Tourist visa system  are Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Canada, Cayman Island, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominica, Dominic an Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, France, Georgia, Grenada, Haiti, Holy Sea (Vatican), Honduras, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Montserrat, Nicaragua, Paraguay, St.Kitts & Nevis and Seychelles.

International Day of Yoga on 21 June 2015:

It was Union minister for external affairs smt. Sushma Swaraj who had launched International logo for yoga. The selection of logo was made by AYUSH ministry under the approval of sh. Narendra Modi. The 1st international yoga day was celebrated on 21st June 2015 and the celebrations will be conducted over 193 countries. 177 countries have come forward as co-sponsors and the several other events will be held all over the world on that special day.

Daily Current Affairs of 2015

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